Local Search

Local Search SEO Marketing is not just something that might help a business anymore, it will. If you haven’t heard, the number of people searching for local businesses on Google FAR exceeds the number of people using printed phone books. Whether you’re a plumber, dentist, real estate agent or any other type of “local” business, ranking on the first page of Google can dramatically increase your business. In today’s business space it is absolutely vital for all businesses to position themselves in search results appropriately so that local visitors can easily locate you.

Want to be seen? We can help!

1. Organic Search Results

These search results are the “free” (non-sponsored) listings. Ranking at the top requires internal optimization and inbound link building efforts.

2. Local Map Listings

These are local businesses found within YOUR geographic area. Google is now mixing these results within the organic search results mentioned above.

3. PPC/Sponsored Ads

We’ll help you get the most clicks for the least amount of money using Google’s pay-per-click system. We’ll get you listed on the first page of Google FAST!

Better Rankings. Better Traffic.

Quit losing customers to your local competitors. They are out there right now, searching for YOUR specific products and services. Local, potential customers have already qualified themselves simply by searching for your related keywords. Will you be found?

We have generated tons of #1 rankings on Google. Both within the free, organic listings and within the local map listings called ‘Google Places’. Local search terms that include your city’s name are far less competitive than generic keywords that do not. This allows us to provide you with affordable services that yield amazing results.