Your Path To Online Success

The Internet Marketing Consulting Group (IMCG) are experts and put their years of experience of being in the Internet Marketing industry to work for you. We use the best-proven processes with the latest innovative practices in the industry combined with ethical techniques to achieve the highest search engine optimization solutions which not only drive traffic to your website but also bring sales for you.

Why Us?

Benefits of using the Internet Marketing Consulting Group services over our competitors:

  • Rapid return on your investment
  • Reinforce and focusing on branding your products or services
  • Boost your traffic
  • We use Search Engine Marketing’s latest technologies and practices
  • Customized Optimization Solutions: We do NOT offer one solution for all our clients
  • We provide one-on-one consultations


 We use the same practices for you that we use to promote and market our own business Whether this is the first time you are engaging in Internet Marketing or are just dissatisfied with your current approach, results and/or SEO team, we will provide you with a customized package that is right for you, from start to finish!  We provide services and strategies including SEO, conversion analysis, copywriting, website design, social networking, mobile marketing, reputation management, and more.  We do it every day for our clients. We’d be happy to do it for you.


 I want to be found in search listings on the first page for my keywords

 I want social networks like Facebook, Twitter, buzzing about my site

 I want to convert my website traffic into more sales (ROI)

Our focus is on generating quality traffic and ensuring your site converts that traffic into sales. Choose from any variety of our services to create your recipe for success – or to learn more about how you can grow your business, click on one of the strategies above.